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In conversation with
Spinelli Kilcollin

Designer Interview


Spinelli Kilcollin

Spinelli Kilcollin burst onto the jewelry scene with a fresh new ring concept, designed to be worn stacked on one finger or linked across the hand. Today, they are stocked by the most discerning luxury stores in the world to offer an ever-more personal expression of individuality.

Over the past decade, Spinelli Kilcollin linked rings have come to represent a certain kind of free-spirited style; alternative, individual, yet also clean and contemporary. Like some of the best ideas, in 2010 the husband-and-wife duo's architectural jewelry was came about organically and in the intervening years, they have expanded from rings to other jewelry, and on to homewares and clean-cut furniture that makes a similar bold statement as the original linked rings.

The original concept is now completely personalizable, with a bespoke ring design service that can be tailored to individual clients and their needs. Yves Spinelli takes our questions.

What led you to create the industry-disrupting Galaxy ring back in 2010?

It all began when I conceptualized an alternative, unconventional ring design for myself. I commissioned my father who loved metalsmithing to create a three-thin band with connected circles to be worn across multiple fingers.

I wanted to incorporate versatility and personalization into jewelry, similar to the playful nature of the fashion world. Dwyer then added unique creative elements to the design. It turned heads, and friends were requesting us to make one-offs in our garage! 

Dwyer and I bonded over a mutual desire to create alternative, architectural jewelry and felt that we could break from industry standards and be a new, defining voice. And so, the concept of building a line of Galaxy Rings was a progression that just naturally fell into place.

Designed to be stacked on a single finger or worn across the hand, your early rings could be described as some of the first truly gender-neutral jewelry. How important is the balance of masculine and feminine in your work?

As an alternative, non-traditional brand, we get a lot of requests for same-sex rings. And so, it is within our brand aesthetic to design pieces that arent defined for either men or women. We prioritize clean, conceptual, designs that can easily transform with the style of each individual, no matter their gender.

Our unique styles that vary in thickness and mixed materials feel industrial yet delicate, which represents the fine line between masculinity and femininity. 

Our unique styles that vary in thickness and mixed materials feel industrial yet delicate.

Your jewelry is handcrafted in LA. How important is sustainability and responsible production to you?

Sustainability in practice and production is paramount to the brandsvalues and social responsibility. We develop our supply chain and company environment around ethical materials, responsible production, and local artisans.

We use conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold, and all of our pieces are hand-made in Los Angeles. We are grateful to have a great team to support us, educate us, and hold us accountable to continually adopt the best sustainability practices for the brand and industry as a whole. 

What was a break-out point that truly made you feel like you had made it as a brand?

Around 2013 we started getting more attention for our linked ring designs, especially those featuring diamonds. We received notable attention from editors and great retailers. So around that period of time, and 2014 it really felt like a break-out period for us. When Oprah bought a ring and wore it on the cover of her December 2014 magazine issue, that felt pretty amazing. 

What keeps you driven?

Our team and our clients drive us to explore new creative horizons. They make it all possible!  

What advice would you give to your customers who want to customize their linked rings?

Make your signature ring fit your personality and lifestyle. The foundation behind designing an effortless and modern ring is to be timeless. Mix and match with the various materials and settings while also maintaining a clean architecture.

Most people love the aspect of building a unique identity within a non-traditional ring, but it is also important to balance the extremes of minimalism and luxury.