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Summer 2024 Essentials

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Our pick of the best of this year’s summer jewelry, to take you through to Fall in style.

Dazzle your way through sunny days and shine through balmy nights, with jewelry that captures the essence of summer. On the beach or dining al fresco, diamonds are always a great choice for sparkle in the summer sunshine, and while gold and turquoise are a classic summer combination, other colored stones are also coming to the fore this year, with deep green emeralds and ocean blue tanzanites paring beautifully with sunny yellow gold. Whether you pile them high in a glorious tribute to summer maximalism, or prefer to focus on low-key statements, you’re sure to find your next jewel in our Summer Edit.

For your ear stack

Small diamond pave crescent hoop by Lizzie Mandler

For summer, Los-Angeles-based jewelry designer Lizzie Mander has blown up her signature knife edge motif into the perfect pair of summer hoops. Sunny gold meets diamond pavé, to catch the light on those waves at the beach.

Star earrings by Venyx

Long, hot summer nights call for diamond sparkle, and the Star earrings designed by Venyx creative director Eugenie Niarchos draw on her love of fantasy, spirituality and nature. Get ready to twinkle at twilight.

For your neck stack

Coin charm necklace by Azlee

Nothing says summer jewelry like coin pendants and we think Azlee does them best. Designer Baylee Ann Zwart draws on Ancient history and mythology to create modern-day talismans in solid gold, accented with diamonds. Mix and match with one of her gold chains to create your own summer charm necklace.

White enamel large Mila Heart by Joanna Dahdah

Charms are a beautiful way to tell your story and keep symbols of your own personal milestones close. Lebanese designer Joanna Dahdah’s signature heart charms come in a range of enamel colors, offset with diamond pave for a meaningful talisman with universal appeal.

Twilight pendant by Noor Fares

Celebrate summer evenings with Noor Fares’ rock crystal pendant, ringed with diamonds and colored sapphires. Fares’ jewels are rooted in her interest in mysticism and symbolism; the rock crystal in this statement necklace represents freedom and wisdom.

For your wrist stack

Solid Geo flat link bracelet by Shay

Chunky chain will take you from beach to bar with ease, and Shay’s solid Geo flat link bracelet draws on Art Deco for a punchy, minimalist gold chain that will hold its own as a statement piece, or make a great focal point for a layered summer stack.

Large box chain bracelet by Zoe Chicco

The perfect layering bracelet, Zoe Chicco’s box chain is an elegant variation on the classic gold chain bracelet. A fantastic foundation piece for everyday wear, or for minimalists, a delicate chain with a little extra volume.

For your hands

Ensemble Splash ring by Sophie Bille Brahe

Danish jeweler Sophie Bille Brahe looks to the ocean to create sea spray in jewelry form, in 18kt gold and round diamonds of varying sizes. A celebration of the power of nature, she uses precise craftsmanship to create an organic effect that will catch the summer sunshine by the sea.

Emerald pave Bubble ring by Ascher

This showstopping ring by Kuwaiti jeweler Shouq Al-Fulaij pairs deep green emeralds with gentle geometric angles for a dazzling summer statement. A powerful piece that bestows confidence and will see you through the summer months in head-turning style.

Tanzanite Chevron Sides Ring by Jacquie Aiche

Channel the ocean with the deep blue of an Asscher-cut tanzanite, set into a striking chevron band. Known for her West Coast aesthetic, Jacquie Aiche carefully chooses her stones for their therapeutic benefits, then blesses them in her garden. Tanzanite is believed to have calming properties and strengthens the connection between heart and mind.

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  • One of a Kind Twilight Pendant
    by Noor Fares
  • Star Earrings
    by Venyx
  • Small Cosmic Diamond Coin Charm
    by Āzlee
  • Asscher Cut Tanzanite Chevron Sides Ring
    by Jacquie Aiche
  • White Enamel Large Mila Heart
    by Joanna Dahdah
  • Ensemble Splash Ring
    by Sophie Bille Brahe
  • Solid Geo Flat Link Bracelet
    by Shay
  • Small Crescent Hoop
    by Lizzie Mandler
  • Large Box Chain Bracelet
    by Zoë Chicco
  • Emerald Pave Bubble Ring
    by Ascher