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Throughout the jovial gatherings, the late-night chatter, and the lavish evenings of Ramadan, there is a sense of camaraderie and elevated spirituality that abounds. These festivities, carried forward by culture and faith, can inspire some to fuse tradition with creative expression when it comes to dressing for the occasion. For Aubade founder Duha AlRamadhan, jewelry in particular is a meaningful way to capture the beauty of the season.

“Jewelry plays a huge role in completing my festive attire. It tends to be more dramatic, more opulent during the month,” she says. “I’m not a very social person, but there’s something so special and magical about spending so much time surrounded by people you love, enjoying a meal together and sharing beautiful conversations.”

Whether she’s getting herself and her children ready for an iftar at her mother-in-law’s — complete with beloved family recipes and trivia games — or staying up late to see friends, Duha pays special attention to how she curates her accessories collection for Ramadan’s many events. Ahead, she shares her top picks for this joyful period.

A Drop of Diamonds

Whether you want to dabble in the return of the layered necklace trend or you’re ready to embrace it full-on, now is the time to add some length to your jewelry lineup. “[During Ramadan] I love layering and stacking, focusing on chunky chains and colorful jewels for a stand-out look,” Duha says, pointing to Jacquie Aiche’s signature Hailey Necklace as a great place to start. The delicate Y chain, named for style star Hailey Bieber, is a versatile piece that can shine on its own or be paired with multiple other necklaces.

Standout Simplicity

Anita Ko’s Plain Claw Earrings have been a sleek staple in Duha’s jewelry collection for a while, and after they went viral last year when spotted on the ears of Sofia Richie Grainge, plain white gold is having a major moment. A perfect complement to your daytime Ramadan attire, these bold earrings can elevate any ensemble. “During the day I opt for jumpsuits and dresses, and from Iftar onwards, I only wear kaftans. You’ll hardly ever find me in jeans the entire month!”

More Than Just a Pop of Color

When it comes to incorporating color this season, try something new and let the construction of your next piece take centre stage rather than the stone. Ascher’s Emerald Baguette Bubble Ring, for example, features a chunkier, rounded setting that hugs the straight edges of the gemstones for a fresh take on a timeless design. “While it’s easy to get sucked into the Ramadan frenzy, I always suggest buying something you’ll wear, if not all year round, at least during the summer,” Duha says. “That being said, don’t play it safe; have fun with color and design.”

Future Heirlooms

With family being an integral part of Ramadan, consider investing in a piece that, like the most cherished traditions, can be passed down for generations to come. “While we come from a very family-oriented society in general, Ramadan brings us even closer together so that we’re meeting up multiple times throughout the week,” Duha shares. For something special that captures this togetherness, CVC Stones’ newest diamond-encrusted pebbles in earthy tones have a dazzling yet grounding appeal that is truly one of a kind.

Pleasing Geometry

Known for creating jewelry with soul, Lebanese designer Noor Fares is a top pick for Duha this time of year. “I gravitate towards color, chunky chains, and medallions as a nod to our traditional jewelry but with a modern interpretation,” she explains, which is why she has her sights set on the Rhombus Earrings. Strong shapes are balanced out by smoky quartz, amethyst and colored sapphires that combine to bring warmth to the geometry of the piece — an homage, perhaps, to the patterns found in Middle Eastern architecture the designer cites as one of her many inspirations.

Understated Sparkle

If, like Duha, your sartorial approach during Ramadan is rooted in a more is more mentality, go for something glittery that can be worn with a simpler outfit before sundown and then stacked up with other pieces for an ultra-glamorous nighttime look. The unique Florentine finish of all Carolina Bucci designs gives each one an eye-catching yet subtle shimmer — a treatment that Duha finds especially sensational when applied to a pair of flat hoops. “During Ramadan I’ll style my jewelry in a way I wouldn’t normally do on a day-to-day basis because it’s the one time of year I can dress up without feeling too extravagant.”

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