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In conversation with
Jennifer Meyer

Designer Interview


Designer Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer's timeless and personal jewels are rooted in her history, and a childhood spent making and creating with her beloved artist grandmother. Today, she enables other women to tell their own stories through her jewelry.

Jennifer started her brand in 2005, as a way to express her creativity after leaving a career in fashion communications. It was a watershed that would inspire her to design meaningful jewelry intended to mark life's milestones in gold and gemstones, and her line of sophisticated, wearable pieces has won her an international following and two nominations for CFDA awards.

Jennifer Meyer's jewelry is characterized by meaningfulness. Charm pendants like the Evil Eye sit alongside classic, 1970s-inspired heart necklaces and the best-selling Good Luck necklace designed to include good luck symbols from different cultures in a single pendant.

Elsewhere, stones with different meanings come together in dangle necklaces and solitaire chains, allowing the wearer to customize their stack to include authentic pieces with personal relevance. The thread linking it all together, is a commitment to craftsmanship, for jewelry made by hand in Los Angeles with the help of master artisans.

We caught up with Jennifer, to talk about meaning, milestones, and how it feels to see customers wearing her jewelry to celebrate the events of their own lives.

What are the biggest inspirations for your jewelry design?

My grandmother Edith was and is still today, my biggest inspiration. Some of my earliest memories are of making enamel jewelry with her, and the process of crafting something beautiful always stuck with me. I design for the inspiring, stylish women I meet every day. I make jewelry that I want to keep for years to come and I love what I do!

You’re based in Los Angeles. To what extent does the city influence your work?

LA is such an incredible source of inspiration. It’s such a huge part of who I’ve become; my style designs and overall attitude. There’s so much happening here, culturally speaking - the art scene, fashion, and film are all thriving. Everything feels young, fresh, and exciting.

LA is such an incredible source of inspiration. It’s such a huge part of who I’ve become.

Why do you think women today are so drawn to jewelry that can tell their personal stories?

Jewelry is so sentimental and I love thinking about the pieces being passed down generations and transcending time. I design the jewelry to have a special meaning and I want women to have a personal connection to the pieces they choose. I hope that Jennifer Meyer's jewelry helps symbolize important milestones, love, and celebrating life.

Personally speaking, which piece of jewelry do you never take off?

I loved designing our classic Good Luck necklace. It’s so timeless and has all the symbols of love and luck in one piece. It’s one of those pieces that I wear on its own or layered with all my other favorites.

Who wears your jewelry the best?

Every woman wears it differently. The brand was created out of the idea that jewelry could be more than an accessory and is meant to serve as an extension of the personalities of the women who wear it. I love walking down the street and seeing someone in one of my designs, it still surprises me. I feel so lucky.