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In conversation with
Jacquie Aiche

Designer Interview


Designer Jacquie Aiche

Handmade in her Los Angeles workshop, Jacquie Aiche's crystal and gemstone jewelry is designed to harness the power of the stones to create deeply personal talismans that have become emblematic of the Californian vibe. She channels her intuition into each piece, to make jewelry designed to empower.

From a childhood interest in stones, to a successful jewelry brand with a worldwide clientele, Jacquie Aiche has tapped into our contemporary yearning for support and protection in jewelry that speaks to a "tribe" of like-minded women and men around the world.

She carefully selects each stone  herself, and blesses every pendant in a full moon ritual in her garden, before sending them out into the world. Jacquie opened up to us about how she works with crystals, the stones she is drawn to right now and why Mother Nature is her ultimate inspiration.

What first drew you to gemstones and crystals?

When I was a little girl I would collect stones in my backyard and make special jewelry pieces for my family. Later in life when I was working in my boutique, I fell in love with designing as a form of creative expression and began selling my jewelry anonymously. Fine jewelry was so traditional at that time. I wanted to create pieces that were spiritual and personal.

I felt so connected to the healing power of precious stones, I just couldn't wait to share that energy with the world. When I saw how women responded to my pieces, I knew this was what I was meant to do. My love of precious gemstones has been with me since the beginning, crystal adornments have become tokens of the tribe that will always have a home in my designs. 

What is the biggest inspiration for your work?

I design from my experiences, the beauty I see, and the love I feel. Mother Nature, my tribe, and my muses will always be my biggest source of inspiration.

You created a unique aesthetic when you started your brand. Why do you think women today are so drawn to talisman jewelry and crystals in particular?

The energy crystals carry is magnetic and ethereal, collected from centuries of tradition, adoration and personal meaning. Whether you are seeking clarity, serenity, to cleanse from negativity, or to simply find balance, crystals have the power to bring you what you need. When worn as a talisman, against the skin, the potential power you can receive is endless. The magic of Mother Nature always provides.

I love that everyone has their own personal way of styling their jewels. Trust in whatever you are drawn to, there are no rules.

Personally speaking, which are your favorite pieces of crystal jewelry? Why?

Everything I create instantly becomes my favorite… its so hard to choose. The crystals I’ve been craving lately are opal and amethyst. Opal is such a special, luminous stone. Its beauty is unlike anything else and it attracts a light, blissful energy within.

The beauty of this crystal draws you in, and the warmth it manifests keeps you wanting more. Amethyst is a talisman of positive energy, known to inspire an overall sense of healing within. It balances mood swings, relieves stress, and dispels feelings of fear, anger and anxiety. It really is a personal, protective amulet. 

How do you like to see your jewelry styled?

I love that everyone has their own personal way of styling their jewels. Trust in whatever you are drawn to, there are no rules. My layers tend to radiate an easy, California energy that I love, while still looking refined and classic. It feels effortlessly put together.

The raw beauty and vibrant colors of crystals pair perfectly with layers of diamonds and gold. When you find a piece that feels sacred to you, keep it close. Your jewelry collection should be a source of power and a daily reminder of the positivity you seek to attract.

Who wears your jewelry best?

I feel so blessed to adorn a tribe of strong, supportive women and men. I love to see all of my muses shine!