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In conversation with
Noor Fares

Designer Interview


Designer Noor Fares

Paris-raised, Lebanese-born and living in London, Noor Fares melds rich and varied cultural influences in her jewelry design, to create powerfully symbolic, deeply elegant sustainable jewelry. Geometric shapes and unusual color combinations are hallmarks, but what drives her design practice, is the way different cultures - ancient and modern - interpret spirituality.

Noor aims for her jewelry to bring a little soulfulness to the wearer, by harnessing the power of gemstones and crystals. After graduating from London's Central Saint Martins and studying at the GIA, she launched her own brand in 2009 and gained serious recognition a couple of years later, when her now-emblematic Fly Me to the Moon hard stone wing earrings caught the attention of jewelry editors.

Since then, she has honed her aesthetic and deepened her research to create that rare thing in jewelry: a truly unique style. We caught up with Noor, to learn more about the symbolism in her work and how she integrates sustainability into her brand.

How does your cosmopolitan background influence your jewelry design?

I love to experience the world around me - exploring new cultures and drawing inspiration from my surroundings, bringing this back into my design process. I find great influence from the soulful practices in ancient traditions, particularly Sanskrit philosophy in India - which is also where some of my collections are crafted. It's a pleasure to reimagine historical ideas and transform them into contemporary visions through my jewelry designs.

Your jewels often have carefully thought-out meanings. Why do you think people are so drawn to talismans and symbolic jewelry?

Talismanic jewelry is increasingly popular as it offers a more tactile experience for the wearer. Our jewelry is on our bodies and skin for long periods of time, so it's important for the jewelry to mean something to you, in a truly personal way. Talismans become symbols of affirmation and self-empowerment for those who wear them. 

What sort of person do you have in mind when you are designing?

I think about the contemporary woman - someone who is connected to their inner being, in a spiritual and soulful way. I like to think of my wearers as people who want a deeper sense of self-expression, to uplift and unite them with confidence and love in their daily lifestyle.

Your Fly Me to the Moon earrings are emblematic of your style. How did they come about?

My wings were inspired by my interest in embodying the notion of setting oneself free. The wings offer lightness for the wearer, to feel connected to something beyond the stretch of our imagination. The idea of flying to the moon has such a magical meaning and I wanted my wearers to experience that through the wings earrings. 

Ethical practices are close to your heart. How do you put this into action during jewelry production?

As a brand, I strive for us to be the most sustainable and eco-conscious we can be. Recently, we have produced new packaging that is 100% recyclable and made in the UK. Our organic cotton pouches too, off-cuts from our crystals to reduce excess waste. When it comes to our jewelry production process, we are extremely conscious of working with stones that are not heavily sourced — instead, we focus on embracing crystals with natural inclusions and think about how we can transform them into fine jewelry emblems.

What jewelry are you wearing right now?

I have a selection of layered necklaces, rings and bracelets on at the moment, ones which I always wear. I'm also wearing a few newer pieces from my latest collection, Prisma, including the Luminescence Ring, Rhombus pinky ring and Prism pendant which I absolutely love!