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Designer Shay

Shay is all about the many facets of femininity, with a look that's rooted in the easy-chic Californian aesthetic, crafted from gold and dusted with diamonds and gemstones. Designed to appeal to women of different generations, the brand was created by mother-daughter design duo Tania and Laden Shayan in 2002, inspired by world travel and the glamour of the runway. They recently revisited their hit jumbo chain link in bold black and white ceramic, in a striking new look for women in the driving seat, that channels feminine power.

Whether it's a delicate drop choker, a finely worked hand chain, or a punchy pave link bracelet, Shay jewelry is designed to be seen and with a strong following in the US that includes stars from Bella Hadid to Beyoncé. Worked mainly in 18-karat gold and platinum, their contemporary jewelry draws on inspiration as diverse as Art Deco and Victoriana and is designed to be stacked high and layered up.

With shared design codes, the pair work side-by-side to produce pieces intended to inspire women of all ages to express their femininity through their jewels. We asked Tania and Laden to tell us more about their latest collection.

What were your inspirations for the Ceramic collection?

We were looking to add something innovative and fun to our existing range, given the times the world has been through over the last 12 months. We have been working, with our design team, to perfect the ceramic material to be used in our pieces and explore what we could create with it.

The ceramic jewels are certainly contemporary pieces. They stack beautifully with our signature pieces.

How does ceramic behave differently from the metals you usually use?

Jewelry-grade ceramic - or titanium carbide - is extremely light, which makes it both easy and comfortable to wear. It is very hard-wearing, scratch-proof, and once polished, can take on an incredible shine and hold a silky-smooth finish.

The black and white ceramic pairing creates a strong contrast. How does this evolve your signature look?

The ceramic jewels are certainly contemporary pieces. They stack beautifully with our signature pieces, adding depth and another layer of mood.

What are your favorite pieces in the collection?

We have just released a ceramic jumbo link, which features pave links in diamonds, pink sapphires, blue sapphires, emerald/green garnets, or a multi-gemstone rainbow. It's just divine.

Who - real or imagined - would you like to see wearing the Ceramic collection?

We already have some fans of the Ceramic collection and have created custom pieces for Dua Lipa, Beyonce, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ahood, Chiara Ferragani & Usher.