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With the new Emerald Bubble collection, Ascher designer Shouq Al-Fulaij elevates a signature motif with a pop of color. Aubade founder Duha Al-Ramadhan sat down with Shouq, to find out more.

After launching with Aubade in March 2022, Ascher has steadily grown a devoted following for its bold, yet feminine take on geometry. An arresting first collection in black gold and white diamonds caught our attention and now her most recent collection, Bubble, has had an update with one of our favorite gems: baguette emeralds. This stone of good fortune in the most elegant of cuts elevates the gentle angles and architectural lines of the original collection, resulting in supremely wearable pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Duha: Can you describe the collection in three words?

 Shouq: Vibrant, sleek and bold.

 Duha: You and I have always had a profound love for emeralds (like so many people in the region!), so to see a fresh new take on the Bubble collection using emeralds was super exciting. Tell me about your design approach to this collection. 

 Shouq: I wanted to continue the mood of last year’s drop. I loved creating the Bubble collection and wanted to create pieces that would stack perfectly with existing models. Choosing to focus exclusively on emeralds felt natural since it is one of my favorite stones — I’ve based my whole brand aesthetic around this color.

Duha: The Bubble is a beautiful extension of your signature geometrical style. What is it about the geometry of strong lines that appeals to you, and why did you decide to go softer?

 Shouq: My favorite collection will always be Luminescence, which took me years to curate. Sharp angles are more challenging, they force you to stop and look, and I drew a lot of inspiration for my first collection from Brutalist architecture. With blackened gold and white diamonds, it’s very dark, and matches my winter mood. I found myself wanting something a bit warmer and softer to wear in the summer months; the Bubble Collection gave me that feeling without losing my edge.

 Duha: I love the Bubble chains. How did the custom chainlink come about?

 Shouq: I do, too. I wanted a unique chain that layered well with the existing pieces I wore. The actual link is a blown-up version of the flat, angular Nexus link from the Luminescence collection. It moves beautifully on the body, and I love that the design of the clasp is so unique that you can show it off in the front, or place it at the back of the neck to only show the bubble links.

There’s a beautiful contrast between the straight edges of the emerald baguettes and the softer rounded edges of the Bubble motif.
Duha Al-Ramadhan, CEO Aubade Jewelry

Duha: Now you are further into your journey with Ascher, tell me about how things have been to this point.

 Shouq: It’s been two years since I started Ascher, and it has been an amazing experience so far. Doing what I love and travelling the world is a dream come true. Meeting designers from different places and hearing about their journeys gives me the inspiration to dream bigger.

Duha: We’re both female businesswomen based in Kuwait. How has that been for you?

 Shouq: Of course this journey has had its bumps on the road, but I’m blessed to have women like you in the industry who I can turn to for insight and advice. Meeting clients for the first time and seeing them excited to show me how they styled my designs feels like real accomplishment — it’s the best feeling. I wake up every day eager to create and excited to see what I can do next!

Duha: Are there any particular challenges you have overcome?

 Shouq: The challenges I have faced were mostly around understanding the market on a more global scale. I’m more tapped in to the Kuwaiti woman and what she loves to wear, so learning about different regions and what women there find beautiful in jewelry, has opened up my mind to more design possibilities.