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Tell Your Story with Lettre de Lumière Collection by Sophie Bille Brahe



The Danish jeweler Sophie Bille Brahe’s latest collection is the most personal expression of her creativity yet. It’s about “the everyday prose” of a relationship encapsulated in a single, diamond-encrusted letter, for a poetic new take on initial jewelry.

With pearls, diamonds and gold as her materials of predilection, Sophie Bille Brahe injects a little Scandinavian enchantment into her streamlined jewels. Minimalist settings keep the focus on the stones themselves, while graceful shapes accent the body. New to Aubade is her Lettre de Lumière collection, her very own take on a jewelry box classic: initial jewelry.

I think it’s very important to feel comfortable in what you wear,” says Sophie. “It is a very Copenhagen feeling, but we like to dress in a way that reflects how we live. I would never create something that I wouldn’t want to wear myself.”

Sophie cites the 1981 book Alphabet, by Danish poet Inger Christensen as inpiration for the collection. With each line beginning with a different letter of the Roman alphabet. “It is an everyday prose of a relationship expressed in one letter,” explains the designer. The concept inspired her “to give a modern twist to the signet ring. I have always liked the concept of wearing a ring that symbolizes your family and your history, but somehow the design never worked for me.” So she set about drawing, and writing letters that were symbolic in her personal history in her own handwriting, and ended up with a design for a ring that she would wear herself. “It’s very elegant and modern. It allows me to wear the names of the ones I love, knowing that I will be able to pass them on to the next generation.”

“As soon as I saw Sophie’s initial rings, I was truly in awe,” says Aubade founder, Duha Al-Ramadhan. “Initial jewelry can be found in so many collections, but Sophie took something generic and added her graduated diamond design to it for a poetic touch."

Whether you choose your own initial, or layer up several pendants or a clutch of rings to symbolise children, a partner, or other loved ones, “I hope that people will wear the pieces every day,” Sophie finishes. Through Lettre de Lumière, she has given us all a way to tell our own stories and keep them with us always, in the most elegant and personal of forms

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