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Jewelry for Iftar and Suhoor

Style Guide


Ramadan is upon us, and with it, Iftar and Suhoor invitations from friends and family. As we head into a month of daily socializing, take note of our suggestions on how to make sure your jewelry keeps pace with your diary.

Your wardrobe never works harder than during the festive season. Take your Ramadan look from breaking your fast at sunset to late-night gatherings in style, with a selection of fabulous jewels that mean you won't need a full outfit change. Our buyer has chosen variations on key pieces — each including one more casual jewel for Iftar, and a second, more statement-making bijoux, for Suhoor — so you can change up your look in the middle of a busy schedule.

The diamond bracelet

For Iftar:

Eclat cable chain bracelet by Lizzie Mandler

For Suhoor:

Marquise blossom finger bracelet by Jacquie Aiche

Catching the light at the wrist as you reach amongst dishes and raise your glass, diamond bracelets provide an elegant accent for festive meal looks. Lizzie Mandler's delicate chain bracelet will steal the show at Iftar, with diamonds cut for maximum radiance. Come nightfall, swap it out for this beautiful floral finger chain by Jacquie Aiche, and let your hands do the talking.

The gemstone necklace

For Iftar:

Graduated Floating Emerald necklace by Anita Ko

For Suhoor:

Diamond Arabic initial necklace by Shay

Gems at your throat are always a good idea, and this graduated emerald and gold necklace by Anita Ko will radiate luck during Ramadan. Elevate for Suhoor in the evening, with Shay's all-pavé diamond Arabic initial necklace, which honors the elegant lines of Arabic script during this spiritual time of year.

The pinky ring

For Iftar:

Mixed diamond stacked chevron ring by Shay

For Suhoor:

Horizontal pear diamond signet ring by Zoe Chicco 

The new way to make a statement is the power pinky, and this stacked diamond chevron ring will elongate the finger and draw the eye to your hands during your sunset dining. When night falls, ring the changes with Zoe Chicco's new signet and its glorious teardrop marquise diamond, at your Suhoor gathering.

The talismanic chain

For Iftar:

In Stars We Trust pendulum by Marie Lichtenberg 

For Suhoor:

Muzo Palm Necklace by Venyx

There's no better time than Ramadan to wear amulets and symbols of good fortune. The 15 diamond stars on Marie Lichtenberg's In Stars We Trust pendulum pendant sparkle in their black rhodium setting to represent hope and light, ideal for the sunset meal. After dark, switch to the new Muzo Palm necklace from Venyx, featuring almost 20 carats of emerald, one of the region's best-loved good luck symbols.

The gold hoops

For Iftar:

Medium knife edge hoops by Lizzie Mandler

For Suhoor:

Bamboo hoops by Anita Ko

The ultimate day-to-night style staple, gold hoops must be one of the most hard-working pieces in your jewelry box. Big enough to make a statement while being small enough not to take over, Lizzie Mandler's knife-edge hoops are minimalist chic incarnate and will pair with pretty much anything. For evening, Anita Ko's Bamboo hoops have a little extra eye-catching detail that will twinkle in the lights of your post-Iftar gatherings.

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