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BoF: At Oud Fashion Talks, Demystifying the Rapidly Transforming GCC Fashion Industry

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This May, Oud Fashion Talks (OFT) returned for its second year to Kuwait’s Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre, inviting local fashion professionals and international press to thought-leadership panels and educational talks on fashion in Kuwait and the wider region.

Spearheaded by Zainab ALabdulrazzaq, founder of fashion and beauty publication, Oud Fashion Talks launched last year with the ambition of positioning Kuwait to the international fashion map

A country celebrated for its trendsetting status in the region, ALabdulrazzaq seeks to broaden the perception of Kuwait from consumer space to major player and innovator in the business side of fashion.

"We are grouped as the GCC — we have similarities but we’re quite different, and Kuwait is an overlooked, more low-key market,” says Duha AlRamadan, founder & CEO of multi-brand fine jewellery retailer Aubade, which represents over 20 brands in her stores in Kuwait and Dubai.

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