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3oud: 50 Most Inspiring Personalities in Kuwait 2022

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3OUD - APRIL 3, 2023

Success has many secrets. Few are the ones who know them and are able to achieve their dreams and make them a reality. Reaching success requires effort, perseverance and a lot of determination and will.

Those who know the secret of success are the inspiring ones who represent the role models and ideals of society. Their success stories are seen as a beacon guiding future generations. celebrates people by unveiling its list of the 50 most influential people in Kuwait for the year 2022 in various sectors and fields.


Owner of Aubade Jewelry

Owner of Aubade fine jewelry store, a successful and ambitious Kuwaiti businesswoman and mother of three. She has a degree in industrial engineering, and has been in love with jewelry since childhood. Through her store, Duha Al-Ramadhan aims to bring all her favorite international brands to Kuwait and introduce new names to the jewelry market.

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