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  • Ruby Safety Pin Earring
  • Wave Ring with Diamond Finish
  • Brown Small Chiara Metallic Diamond Earring
  • Big Pearl Anklet
  • Quad Prong Set Diamond Necklace
  • Quad Prong Set Diamond Studs
  • Simple Letter B Necklace
  • Emerald Baguette Knife Edge Band
  • Flat Florentine Finish Ring
  • 2 Small Size Links with Chain Anklet
  • Pink Sapphire Single Thread Ring
  • Single Diamond Pave and Lavender Ceramic Link Ring
  • Mini Macro Hoop
  • Small Diamond Pave Crescent Hoop
  • Chroma Highlighter Chain
  • Blue Topaz Gem Hoops
  • Large Piercing with Purple Metallic Ball Earring
  • Emerald Baguette Center Mini Hoop