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Noor Fares

Based in UK
Designer Noor Fares

London-based Lebanese designer Noor Fares draws on ancient symbolism and the world of the esoteric, to create modern talismans crafted in fine gemstones.

Raised in Paris in a creative family, Noor is inspired by travel, art and history to explore mystical signs and symbols found in different cultures around the globe, which she reinterprets for today's world.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of her brand and she is diligent about using ethical metals and traceable stones and crystals, which are then worked by hand to create unique pieces with a strong sense of the sacred.

In conversation with Noor Fares

How does your cosmopolitan background influence your jewelry design?

I love to experience the world around me - exploring new cultures and drawing inspiration from my surroundings, bringing this back into my design process. I find great influence from the soulful practices in ancient traditions, particularly Sanskrit philosophy in India - which is also where some of my collections [...]

  • Tilsam Cuff
    by Noor Fares
  • Aurora Ring
    by Noor Fares
  • Tilsam Eclipse Ring
    by Noor Fares
  • One of a Kind Twilight Pendant
    by Noor Fares
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