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Jacquie Aiche

Based in US
Designer Jacquie Aiche

Since 2007, Jacquie Aiche has been creating crystal and gemstone jewelry that is designed to empower, handmade in her Los Angeles studio.

This Californian queen of crystals handpicks each stone she uses in her trademark diamond crystal necklaces and blesses her talisman pendants under the full moon, harnessing the power of minerals and crystals in pieces infused with intention.

Her boho-luxe jewelry is now stocked around the world and her name has become shorthand for a certain kind of laid-back, Californian aesthetic rooted in femininity and intuition.

In conversation with Jacquie Aiche

What first drew you to gemstones and crystals?

When I was a little girl I would collect stones in my backyard and make special jewelry pieces for my family. Later in life when I was working in my boutique, I fell in love with designing as a form of creative expression and [...]

  • Thin Dome Ring
    by Jacquie Aiche
  • Sophia 3 Diamond Y Necklace Round & Marquise
    by Jacquie Aiche
  • Emerald Eyes Diamond Head Pave Snake Mini Hoop
    by Jacquie Aiche
  • 3 Spaced Out Diamond Finger Bracelet
    by Jacquie Aiche
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