Our Story

It all began in 2013, when Aubade Jewelry Co. was founded by then 25 year old Duha AlRamadhan, whose passion for jewelry drove her to start a business dedicated to showcasing her favorite jewelry selections previously unavailable in Kuwait. Aubade (which is derived from the French word “aub”, meaning dawn, and is defined as a song or poem greeting the dawn) opened its doors to its first retail boutique in April 2014, located in the heart of Kuwait’s capital city.

Since opening, Aubade has focused on housing a carefully curated selection of upcoming and emerging jewelry designers from around the world, all of which are exclusive to the store. Aubade currently represents 22 fine jewelry designers, mainly from Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Italy and Greece, and aims to establish itself as a trusted and renowned source in Kuwait for unique, handpicked jewelry. 

Founder's Note

I’ve always had an unparalleled passion for jewelry. Since a young age, I found myself handcrafting my own jewelry pieces, and spent my travels scouring local markets for unique jewelry finds. With time, however, I noticed the niche for fine jewelry in the Kuwaiti market was lacking, as I couldn’t find any of my favorite jewelry brands and styles locally.

After graduating as an Industrial Engineer, I soon decided to take a break from my engineering career and to instead use my knowledge and experiences to pursue a business in a field that I loved.

Aubade was founded with the aim of bringing all of my favorite international finds to Kuwait. Today, nothing makes me more honored than seeing the trust and support our clientele has shown us since opening – whether it’s from a mother looking for her daughter’s graduation gift, a husband searching for his wife’s “push” present, or a woman simply treating herself to some jewelry because she’s earned it.

I also love it when you share with us the brands you wish to see in store, it helps us grow and better serve you. So if you ever come across a brand you love, feel free to tag us on Instagram @aubadejewelry. I promise, we really do listen!


Duha AlRamadhan