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Based in UK
Designer Venyx

Designer Eugenie Niarchos drew on an eclectic range of influences to create Venyx World, which provides an imaginary backdrop to the stories she tells through her jewelry.

Inspired by nature, sci-fi, travel, and the supernatural, the London-based brand launched in 2013 with the Reptilia collection, whose richly crafted textures, brilliant colored stones, and ergonomic shapes set the tone for what was to come: beautifully worked jewelry in gold, gemstones and more unusual precious materials, with a touch of the fantastical.

  • Cleopatra Necklace
    by Venyx
  • Astraea Mini Hoops
    by Venyx
  • Big Pearl Anklet
    by Venyx
  • Naida Ring
    by Venyx
Designer Zoe Chicco

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