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Based in FR
Gaia Repossi

When Gaia Repossi took over the Italian heritage jewelry house Repossi in 2007, she completely overhauled the design to create a modern, architectural look.

Crafted in workshops in France and Italy and renowned for exacting standards when it comes to gemstones, the Place Vendôme house now has a fashionable following for its refined jewelry.

Repossi's Sertie sur Vide invisible setting disrupted the way women wear larger stones and the Berbere ear cuff and Antifer ring stack have both become modern classics, from a house at the vanguard of contemporary jewelry design.

In conversation with Repossi

You brought the ear cuff back into vogue before anyone else. Why do you think this piece appeals so much to the Repossi woman?

Rethinking jewelry means rethinking the way we approach it and coming up with new ideas and concepts. For a modern, intelligent woman (with today's new codes) who doesn't want to feel over-adorned, wearing something [...]

  • Berbere Module Pave Bar Pendant
    by Repossi
  • Blast Full Pave Diamond Ear Cuff
    by Repossi
  • Berbère Module 1 Diamond Row Double Band Ring
    by Repossi
  • Emerald Harvest Hoop Earring
    by Repossi
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