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Eva Fehren

Based in US
Eva fehren

Raised in the West Village, artist and designer Eva Zuckerman has infused her brand with the spirit of New York City.

Using 18k gold and custom-cut geometric diamonds, she is inspired by the every day of her home city, finding inspiration everywhere from the Chrysler Building to cracks in the sidewalk.

But her striking modern jewelry begins always with an exploration of the simple line, resulting in refined, linear rings and necklaces designed to layer, so women can tell a creative personal story through their jewelry.

In conversation with Eva Fehren

Your work draws on the architecture of New York City. Why is it such a huge inspiration for you?

New York City is my home, it's the landscape that has informed everything about me. My heart beats for this city, and the aesthetics and details of my environment inform many of my choices as a designer. I love the culture, glamour, and grit [...]

  • White Diamonds Wrap Claw Ring
    by Eva Fehren
  • Emerald Off-Set Shield Stud
    by Eva Fehren
  • Kissing Claw Ring
    by Eva Fehren
  • Emerald Rhombus Pendant
    by Eva Fehren
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