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Based in US
Baylee Ann Zwart

Baylee Ann Zwart has developed a look that blends past with the present, drawing from the Ancient World and European Art Deco to design pieces that are handmade by local master craftsmen.

After several years working in fashion magazines, she became interested in jewelry whilst in Guatemala working with a fair-trade non-profit, so when she launched her own brand in 2015, she knew it had to be sustainable.

Gold is a focus in her work, for its durability which made it ideal for creating meaningful jewelry in times gone by.

In conversation with Āzlee

Your jewelry has a timeless quality. To which historical period are you most drawn?

I have always been drawn to the Art Deco period for its harsh lines, play on shapes, and understated glamor. And also ancient eras, especially Ancient Greece, because of its deep mythology and [...]

  • Large Diamond Link Handmade Chain
    by Āzlee
  • Emerald Staircase Studs
    by Āzlee
  • Small Cosmic Diamond Coin Charm
    by Āzlee
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