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Based in KW

Kuwaiti designer Shouq Al-Fulaij creates striking combinations of precious metals and gemstones to radiant effect, in a celebration of the elegance found in geometric angles and strong lines.

Launched by Aubade in March 2022, Ascher is named for Shouq's favorite, square diamond cut. In her first collection, a focus on clean lines and corners worked in black rhodium-plated 18 karat gold produced architectural forms accented with pristine white diamond pave. More recently, she has explored yellow gold, still with the same, clean, geometric lines to create bold jewelry designed to empower quietly confident women.

In conversation with Ascher

Why are you especially drawn to geometric themes?

I’m drawn to geometry and strong lines because of the attention they command. I’ve noticed consecutive curves are easy on the eye and flow without stopping, but when there is a sharp angle it forces you to stop and see why these two [...]

  • Bubble II Chain Necklace
    by Ascher
  • Medium Emerald Baguette Bubble Hoops
    by Ascher
  • Diamond Pave Mega Hypnosis Ring
    by Ascher
  • Emerald Pave Bubble Ring
    by Ascher
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